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in Arensburg Restaurant

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – G. B. Shaw

Arensburgi Restaurants include the Arensburg Restaurant located in the historic part of the building and the Muusa Lounge Bar located in the modern part. In the summer, the sun terrace connects the restaurants with the most beautiful fountain in the city of Kuressaare. The restaurant menu has been prepared by Arensburg chef Kaidi Uljas, whose menu is inspired by the styles of different European cuisines.

Arensburg Restaurant selected as one of the best restaurants in Estonia by White Guide 2022 and 2023.

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Choose your favorite from the menu and call: +372 564 4428

Arensburg Restaurant is opened:

Fri-Sat 12:00-…..
Mon-Thu  12:00-22:00
Sun 17:00-22:00


Oysters 6pc ask availability from the waiter | 25

Oyster 1pc 4,5

Arensburg’s snack platter for two | smoked trout, salted whitefish, artisan pate, salami/ham, mushroom salad, crispbread, olives, venison roast beef, seed, onion jam | 20

Estonian aritsan cheeses for two | fig jam, grapes, olives |18

Crispy sweet potatoes with herb sauce (G,V) | 6

Olive selection (L,V, G) | seed crispread | 7

Salted whitewish | potato salad, dill mayonnaise, caviar | 15

Venison roast beef | juniper bread, truffle mayonnaise, pickled mushrooms (chanterelle) | 15

Hummus (L,V, G) | seed crispread | 8

Vegan platter for two (L, V) | mini carrots, pickled cucumber, fresh cucumber, hummus, pickled mushrooms, juniper bread, seed crispbread, vegetable balls, mushroom salad, onion jam | 17


Blue mussels/ shrimps  in a creamy wine broth | crispy ciabatta | 15

Two-fish soup (G) | Estonian fish, vegetables, zander fish, trout | 12

Baked goat cheese salad (L)| sun-dried tomato, salad mix, melon, sprouts, pine nuts, fig jam, strawberry, crispy ciabatta | 14

Salad with hot smoked trout | pan-fried potato, salad mix, pickled onion, mayonnaise, caper chips, raddish | 14

Caesar salad with crispy chicken | Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheese crisps | 12


Creamy pesto-smoked chicken pasta | pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese | 14

Zander fillet (G)| Estonian fish, cauliflower-celery cream, roosted vegetables , lemon sauce | 20

Venison cutlets  | pan-fried salad, wild mushroom sauce, pickled onion| 20

Duck fillet (G) | celery root cream, cherry wine sauce, jerusalem artichoke crisp, beetroot| 20

Gnocchid (G,L,V) | light-spiced tomato sauce, tofu, jerusalem artichoke crisps | 14

Arensburger | beef cutlet, french fries, herb sauce | 16


Artisan ice cream / sorbet (G, L, V) | berries | 8

Cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries | 8

Lime-peppermint posset | crispy chocolate, raspberry gel, berries | 8

Pavlova | strwberry-rhubarb cream cheese, berries | 8


French fries with cold sauce (G) | 5

Sausages with french fries (G) | cucumber, tomato, cold sauce | 7

Crispy chicken with french fries | cucumber, tomato, cold sauce | 7

Creamy chicken pasta | cheese, cherry tomato | 7

Vanilla ice cream with jam and chocolate sauce | 6

Ice cream shake with plum juice | 5

Arensburg Restoran is opened Fr-Sat 12:00-…, Mon-Thu  12:00-22:00, Sun 17:00-22:00

We are waiting for you!

Book your table at restoran@arensburg.ee or +372 564 4428