Arensburg Boutique Hotel ja Spa

Romantic. Stylish. Design hotel. Private and peaceful boutique hotel in the heart of Kuressaare.

A visit to the Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa is a journey back in time as well as a chance to stop the clock for a moment. The more than 300-year-old building brings together modern architecture and luxuries from centuries ago. Here is 46 stylish rooms with private spa, restaurant and conference facilities.

Relaxing vacation in Arensburg


Culture friendly boutique hotel & spa

Events in Arensburg


28.06 at 19.00 Tickets https://www.piletitasku.ee/et/event/6123 Book the table restoran@arensburg.ee or (+372) 564 4428

Carlos Liiv

27.04 T 19.00 Concert is free. Book the table restoran@arensburg.ee

Jaagup Tuisk duo

3.05 at 20.00 Tickets https://www.piletitasku.ee/et/event/5937 Book the table restoran@arensburg.ee or  (+372) 564 4428