North African relaxing massage ritual
Delicately scented warm argan oil is used in the ritual. Provides relief from tensions in the body and stress nodules, eliminates toxins and muscle pain.

20 or 50 minutes
Cinq Mondes


Tonicizing Indian Ayurvedic massage ritual
Thousands of years old traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage with warm oil is a ritual, based on toning massage techniques and a combination of different pressures. Enjoy a blend of vanilla and cardamom fragrances to help relieve muscle tensions.

50 minutes
Cinq Mondes


Relaxing French Polynesian massage ritual
Massage ritual quickly relieves muscle tensions and restores body energy thanks to the Dermal puncture technique, which improves the circulation of energy in the body and promotes active recovery of the body and mind. The treatment uses an exotic blend of Monoi de Tahiti and Noni fruit balm.

80 minutes
Cinq Mondes


Solar energy massage with lava stones
The lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure that eliminates fatigue and stress and nourishes vitality. Lava stones radiate heat and positive energy, which relieves muscle tension, regulates the digestive system and metabolism. Indications for stone massage: stress, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, circulatory problems. Not recommended for pregnant women and in case of cardiovascular disease, acute inflammation, and skin wounds.

€55 / 60 minutes


Classical massage (30 min / 45 min / 60 min)
Genuine relaxation that helps get rid of fatigue, relaxes muscles, and improves metabolism. Classical massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, reduces muscle tension and stress. The massage has a relaxing effect on mental and physical stress, stimulates the immune system.

€30 / €39 / €45


Classic massage for two
A relaxing massage that can be enjoyed by two people at the same time in romantic candlelight.

€78 / 60 minutes


Tibetan massage with Dead Sea salt and ground Himalayan stone
Relaxing rhythmic massage with cups filled with Dead Sea salt and ground Himalayan stone. The therapy and massage can help with muscle pain, joint problems, colds, high blood pressure, weak immune system, headaches, metabolic disorders, circulatory disorders, accumulation of residues in the body, mental fatigue, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, etc.

€59 / 60 minutes


Relaxing head massage
The treatment covers the shoulders, arms, neck, and head and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
It helps you relax: the massage relieves stress-related disorders, headaches, migraines, and sleep disorders; reduces muscle tension in the neck and shoulder girdle, improves the immune system, helps to concentrate better and recover from mental fatigue during a difficult work or study period.

€30 / 30 minutes


Family treatment ‘Together everywhere’
Dual massage for the mother and father and massage bath for the child at the same time.

€59 / 30 minutes

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