Bath rituals and water treatments

Saaremaa juniper bath
Juniper bath has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect; it also relieves muscle and joint tensions.
€20 / 20 minutes
Soybean and peanut oil massage bath
Soy bath is well suited for sensitive dry and itchy skin. Relieves allergic skin problems and psoriasis.
€20 / 20 minutes
Luxurious milk bath
The procedure nourishes and restores the skin, leaving it pleasantly soft. Pure goat’s milk with whey and coconut milk is used in the bath.
€20 / 20 minutes
Soothing chamomile hot tub
Soothing bath with chamomile to help relieve sensitive, dry, inflamed, and itchy skin.
€20 / 20 minutes
Romantic bath for two
Bath oil according to the customer’s wishes, candles, and sparkling wine.
€38 / 30 minutes