Over time, Arensburg OÜ has received recognition in the form of letters of appreciation and certificates. We thank those who value our activity.


  • 2018- Saaremaa Company of the Year. May 2019 saw an Arensburg OÜ bench be installed in Kuressaare city space.
  • 2017- The city of Kuressaare recognised Arensburg OÜ as the Employer of the Year as we increased our wages by the largest amount among the bigger companies in Saaremaa.
  • 2017- Kuressaare Vocational School recognised us as a partner for work-based learning.
  • 2016- The best restaurant on the islands.
  • 2014- Island Wine Culture Developer.
  • 2012- The Best Service Company in Saaremaa.
  • 2011- Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa is the Best Tourism Company in Saaremaa.