Body treatments

Body treatment with chocolate wrap
Body treatment with chocolate wrap plus scrubbing and massage. A truly delicate and enjoyable experience for chocolate lovers! The skin deeply moisturised and nourished and the treatment has an anti-cellulite effect as a bonus. The smooth and soft chocolate wrap takes care of the silhouette, caresses the body, and awakens the senses, offering sensual well-being. Cocoa promotes the production of endorphins. At certain concentrations, they are able to activate natural fat burning. At the same time, endorphins are known as happiness molecules, creating a feeling similar to falling in love, they stimulate the senses, reduce tensions, and provide a feeling of well-being.
€55 / 75 minutes
Slimming treatment ‘Making the beauty more beautiful
Body treatment that changes the contours of your body and reduces cellulite. The wrap contains various micronized seaweeds, and combined with massage, it has an effective anti-cellulite effect. The rich wrap contains a high concentration of microelements and iodine to restore the body’s balance and eliminate fats and toxins in a natural way.
€65 / 90 minutes
Expectation’ gentle treatment for a pregnant woman
It starts with a gentle massage, followed by body scrubbing. A relaxing massage is then performed, followed by a delicious full-body cocoa cream mask, which makes the skin elastic and helps prevent postpartum scarring. While the body is treated by the mask, the face receives a tonicizing treatment with scrubbing, gentle massage, serum, and cream.
€59 / 75 minutes