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27.02 at 18 Arensburg Pilates (every wednesday)
15.03 at 19 Love Temple for women
16.03 at 11 Introduction to Tantra
16.03 at 18 Lingam massage workshop
20.03 at 18 Arensburg Pilates (every wednesday)
23.03 at 19 Gypsy Jazz concert TITOKS
24.03 at 18 Arensburg yoga (every sunday)
27.03 at 18 Arensburg Pilates (every wednesday)
20.04 at 19 Alen Veziko acoustic concert

To reserve a table call  +372 4524 707 or write email restoran@arensburg.ee

On this special evening, Margus Vaher is making this evening so romantic with acoustic music.  As always, Margus tells humorous stories about his life. As Margus also published his first book - "Make a way to Man's Heart" in October 2018,which is on top of the sales charts, he also introduces his book.

The female poetess Nete Tiitsaar adds feminine energy and sound to the evening, sharing the stage with Margus.

We are waiting for you on 9.03 at 7pm
Ticket from pre-sale until end of February 15 €
The ticket can be purchased at Lounge Muusa.
Lossi 15, Kuressaare.

Book a table restoran@arensburg.ee or call  +327 4524707

Temple of love – in your own truth! 15.03 at 19:00

On this night, you will step into the Temple of Love – and that Love is you! We practice different physical and energy exercises, meditations, guided journeys and use other means to awaken
your wonderful body, exceptional mind, and radiant spirit so that you would feel like you are a Temple of Love. The night is created for you to experience yourself as an embodiment of Love and as totally lovable; this is the only way to turn into an endless source of Love to feel in yourself, to share with others, to create a sacred space for your partner, and to offer caring for
your loved ones. This night may contain intimacy, make you vulnerable, lead to self-exposure, bring out the sides of you that you never knew existed – all this happens in an open and safe
space. You can always choose the activities you wish to engage in. We offer challenges to break through anything standing between you and Love.
Fee: 20€
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The journey to a deep relationship 

– introduction to tantra   16.03 at 11:00

Tantra is an ancient, comprehensive, and practical science used to bring positive change into your life – be it your personal growth, relationships, sex life, mental or physical health, or issues related to work and home. It’s a life-affirming system where asceticism and self-limitations are abandoned in favour of experiencing the endless potential of life and self. Compared to several other spiritual systems, tantra equally acknowledges male and the female energy, not preferring one for the other and finding the highest value in uniting the two. Tantric practices do not presume the existence of a partner – they are a way of life, a way to approach things to be practiced individually and with a partner. Therefore, all guests are welcome to this evening – men as well as women, single guests as well as couples! During this evening, we look at tantra as a system, we touch upon the history of tantra and we practice tantric exercises. The evening will be cosy, playful, fun, educational, and will raise your spirit and vibration.
Fee: 25€ single / 50€ couple
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Intimate touch workshop 16.03 at 18

Sharing love is a natural talent for women and a source of great satisfaction. Love can be shared in different languages or ways. Maybe you are good at sharing love through food, taking care of
the children, or being a supportive companion or a great colleague? But how do you feel about sharing love through intimate touch? Hands are an extension of the heart, they can be used to express love that would otherwise remain an internalised feeling. This workshop is dedicated to the discovery of intimate touch. You can learn and try out the moves to express love through intimate touch.

We’ll do exercises and share experiences so that you could learn:
- to bring your heart’s energy into your hands and channel it into your touch;
- to release limiting fears and negative beliefs and thought patterns related to intimate touch;
- to understand why it is necessary to bring a conscious loving space into sexual touch and to
learn how to do that;
- to offer your partner intimate touch, including lingam massage (we use mock-ups for practice).
Fee: 35 €
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