Chef of the year 2020 in Latvia – Heinrihs Erhards! Heinrihs’ six-course dinner on 26. November at 19:00 in Arensburg Lounge Muusa.

Heinrich Erhards has 20 years of experience in various Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels and has also worked as a chef at the Kepinski Hotel in Riga.

Chef Heinrih’s six-course menu:

Amouse Bouche – green buckwheeat, seasonal mushrooms, “Soira” cheese souffle


Smoked eel / red cabbage / sweet corn / brown butter

First Main Course

Lobster / scallops / ravioli / bisque sauce

Second Main Course

Pheasant / foie gras / salsify / truffles jus

Pre dessert

Kombucha / sea buckthorn / seasonal flowers


Butternut squash / cranberry / sour cream sorbet / cinnamon

Six-course menu with suitable wines 95€ per person. Reservations restoran@arensburg.ee or +372 5644428.