Wedding on Saaremaa

Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa and island Saaremaa are perfect place for wedding and idyllic getaway. Private boutique hotel and its different style restaurants are suitable for both smaller and larger weddings. We will help you to make Your Day memorable.

Restaurant Arensburg is suitable for festive dinner and get-together in historical style romantic restaurant (up to 40 persons).
Lounge Restaurant Muusa is best choice for wedding party with live band (up tp 6o persons, when joint with conference room up to 100 persons). Summertime our beautiful Sun Terrace is open for welcoming the bride and groom.
Arensburg Meedla House with its spacious hall is suitable for private wedding party (up to 120 persons). Our chef de cuisine will make a special wedding menu for you.

Hotel rooms are offered for up to 120 wedding guests and for bridal couple we will give romantically decorated deluxe room* for wedding night as a gift!
* Offer is valid when ordering wedding party for 30 persons.

Historical and unique boutique hotel and near located beautiful Kuressaare Castle with park are ideal for taking wedding photos.

For personal offer please send us an e-mail
We will help you to find partners for making wedding invitations, flower decorations, make-up and hair etc.


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