Wine Cellar

During the renovations of 2002, we were excited to discover several cellars underneath our building. The most spacious cellar of the house was turned into a welcoming room for wine lovers with the help of some stylish furniture and a fireplace made of Saaremaa’s local dolomite.

This cellar has been used for storing food and wine all through history. Following the example of the wine cellar of the town hall, the merchants and the wealthy citizens had their houses equipped with large cellars too for storing stocks and goods purchased from the ships.  This is how the historical room with an intimate atmosphere that is currently used as the wine cellar of the Arensburg restaurant came to be.

Today, we store carefully selected flavours from the best wine regions of the world in our wine cellar – all that to make your experience of Arensburg all the more exquisite! In addition to that, you can book wine and champagne courses which allow you to explore the themes and regions that interest you. The wine cellar has room for up to 18 people.

An elegant wine experience accompanied by carefully selected snacks – ask for price offer of wine course by e-mail



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