Group Menu

First courses

Clear two fish soup €3.30
Marinated beets with brown goats cheese cream and seed crisps €4.00
Tomato-mozzarella salad on greens €4.30
Fresh salad with smoked salmon and melon €6

Main courses 

Bacon-stuffed chicken fillet with blanched vegetables, baked potatoes, and a mild chilli sauce €8.50
Apple pork tenderloin with grilled zucchini and beet risotto €9.50
Baked pork chop with Rautsi Farm beet, baked potatoes, and pepper sauce €10
Cheese baked salmon with black rice and citrus sauce €12
Baked beef tenderloin with Jerusalem artichoke cream, Rautsi Farm carrots, and blueberry sauce €16


Stuffed apple with blueberry ice cream €3.50
Vanilla panna cotta with fruit salad €3.70
Chocolate cake with cherry-peppermint parfait €4.20
Meringue roll with berries €4.50

Coffee/tea 1,50 €
Red wine/white wine (12 cl) 3 €

Group menu prices include  flavored water and fresh bakery.
Group-menus are valid from ten people. One version of the menu can be booked for one group.
Menu orders and food allergy information has to be sent 5 days before arrival.


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