The ambiance of the hotel is overflowing with romance; therefore, Arensburg’s packages for romantic getaways and newlyweds are very popular. Our relaxed atmosphere is also appreciated by expecting families and those with children. A lady in need of a relaxing spa break or a gentleman on a business trip would also find a package here that would meet their needs and expectations.


Favourite Packages:


          Romantic package includes: Accommodation in the superior room for 2 days 1 night Plentiful breakfast in the Lounge Restaurant Muusa Sparkling wine waiting in the room Classical massage for a lady…

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Pure and Natural

In the new eco spa package Saaremaa meets France. Saaremaa island smooth wind tangles your hair. Local people makes your heart warm. Arensburg Spa includes french shine to your complexion and our chef´s will welcome…

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Ladies in Private

In order to catch up on your unfinished conversations bring along your girlfriend. In addition to spending some long-awaited time together let us take care of your body.           Our package…

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