Hands and feet


„TOUCH OF WARMTH“ (30 minutes)  17 EUR
Complete treatment with parafin for hands or feet.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE (45 minutes) 29 EUR
Relaxing and energizing foot massage, which stimulates bloodcirculation and the functioning of internal organs.

CLASSIC MANICURE (45 minutes) 27 EUR
Nail skins are treated, nails will be shaped, light massage, creaming, nail varnishing.

SPA MANICURE  (75 minutes  36 EUR
Luxurious treatment will make your hands silky smooth, energizes the growth of nails, nourishes nail skins, improves blood circulation, trims the skin. In the process of the treatment hands will be exfoliated, followed by massage with cream, deep moisturizing mask, nails will be treated. Possibility to have nails varnished.

Feet are drenched in water with bath salts, nail skins are treated, nails are shaped. Possibility to have nails varnished.

SPA PEDICURE  (90 minutes) 39 EUR
Very enjoyable treatment for your feet. Feet will be drenched in bath salts, exfoliated, cream massaged, followed by mask and finally nail skin treating and nail shaping.Treatment is suitable for tired feet, improves blood circulation and makes skin silky smooth. Possibility to have nails varnished.

MANICURE WITH gel lacquer  37/39 EUR
The cure includes light manicure and polishing the nails with gel lacquer. The gel dries in a couple of minutes under a UV lamp and you will get a natural result lasting for 2-3 weeks. Gel lacquers are safe to be used on natural nails. This cure is suitable for everybody who wishes long-lasting beautiful nails.

CUCCIO and ALESSANDRO products are used in hand- and feet treatments.

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Cancellation of the treatments 24h in advance. 


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