For the past 9 years, Arensburg has been hosting wonderful concerts that have struck a chord in many a soul. During summer weekends, you can enjoy live performances on the Sun Terrace; during cooler seasons, they take place in the cosy Lounge Restaurant Muusa. In addition to the best musicians of Saaremaa and Estonia, we have welcomed artists from more distant corners of the world, such as South America or the US.

Table reservations for all the concerts by ph. +372 452 4707 or


04.08 kl 19 Lenna Kuurma ja Koit Toome “Mina jään”Ad!
05.08 kl.19 TIINA TALUMEES Fashionshow-Dinner. Ad!
11.08 kl.20 Cravates Bleues Ad!
12.08 kl 20 Saara Kadak & Kõrsikud Ad!
11-13.08 Kuressaare Merepäevad Ad!
20.08 kl 20 Marko Matvere” Mereaasta Merelaulud” Ad!
26.08 kl 20 Jarek Kasar ja Hannaliisa Uusma. Ad!


o1.o9 kl 19.00 Robin Mäetalu. Kitarril. Free concert!
05-11.09 Saaremaa Toidufestival. Ad!


6-8.10 Saaremaa Rally Tutvu!
14-16.10 Saaremaa kolme päeva jooks Tutvu!
22.10 kl 19 Robin Mäetalu and Kristiin Koppel. Free Concert!
28.10 kl 20 Adriano Trinidade. Ad!



31.12 kl 21.00 JÄÄÄÄR

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