12.12 Evening with “The Beatles”: IVO LINNA & ANTTI KAMMISTE

Rock-band who changed the world, became the symbol of youth movement in 60´s and legend after it. Estonian singer Ivo Linna who is also longtime fan of “The Beatles”, will open the background of the band´s phenomenon and creation. You will hear “Yesterday”, “Michelle”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Let it Be” etc.







12th of December at 20:00 in Arensburg Lounge Restaurant Muusa

Evening with “The Beatles” 

– vocal
ANTTI KAMMISTE – keyboards

Special video screening about “The Beatles” highlights and English snacks and drinks in the lounge bar.
Ticket 12 €, on the same day 14 €.
Ticket with the English snacks for 2 persons 37 €.

Reservations by ph.+372 4524707 and restoran@arensburg.ee.



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