18.04 Margus Vaher “When we met” new album presentation

Margus Vaher is mixing different styles. You will find there bossanova after pop-rock or shuffle-rhythm rockabilly after strong blues from 50s. He is presenting the music he likes himself and of course his voice is letting it do so. He is convincing in rock, also dynamic in ballads. Macho man versus soft lover. Now there is a chance to find out who this man and his new album “When we met” are.

Listen to the sound example here.

18th of April at 20:00 in Arensburg Lounge Restaurant Muusa

Margus Vaher – vocal
Jaan Jaanson – guitars
Rain Rämmal – keyboards
Kaarel Liiv – bass
Dmitri Nikolajevski – drums

Ticket 12 €, on the same day 14 €.
Table reservations restoran@arensburg.ee.


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