08.08 KÕRSIKUD summer tour “In Your Heart”

8th of August at 20:00 at Arensburg Sun Terrace

KÕRSIKUD is a band with 3 big estonian men – Andrus “Bonzo” Albrecht, Jaan “Orelipoiss” Pehk and Alari “Päss” Piispea.  They are perfoming estonian as well as foreign songs, theirown repertory as well as songs from other authors. Their song “Ei suuda öelda ei” got 4ht place at the Eurovision pre-contest in Estonia and was also favourite song of jury. The name of the tour is the same as their new album “Sinu südames” (“In Your Heart”).
Listen to.

Ticket: 12 €, on the same day: 14 €.
Table reservations +372 4524707 and restoran@arensburg.ee.



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