03.07 Juu Jääb opening concert-EIVØR and Mikael Blak

XVII Muhu Future Music Festival

Opening concert at Arensburg Sun Terrace 3rd July at 20:00 – EIVØR

Eivør, born in the Faroe Islands, is a vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter with a voice of rare beauty and power. She has been described as “a pure Viking goddess”, as having “an extraordinary presence”, and producing music that is “painfully beautiful”. Now at the peak of her powers, she is an acclaimed singer/composer with a worldwide dimension, yet (happily) she manages to remain true to the deep, proud and subtle culture of the Faroe Islands. Listen to!

EIVØR  PALSDOTTIR – vocal, shaman’s durm, acoustic and electric guitar, kalimba
MIKAEL BLAK – bass guitar, keyboards, live electronics

Ticket 18 €, on the same day 20 €.
Table reservations +372 452 4707 and restoran@arensburg.ee.
Read more about the festival here.


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